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Ignite Imagination!

Here are some exerpts from an excellent 2004 article on Keep Kids Creative Week that appeared in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette. The writer is Stephanie Farr.

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Children have sports, television, school, student governmant, Harry Potter, Gameboy, the Internet, chorus, kqarate and a plethora of other activities to engulf their time and fill their mind. So what is the one thing most children sem to be lacking these days? How about a little creativity?

"Boredom is often the first step to inventing fun. Down-time is the ground where ideas grow," Bruce Van Patter, area author and illustrator, said.

Van Patter of Lewisburg has declared the last week in September as national Keep Kids Creative Week.

"Why shouldn't I start a holiday for something as contagious as creativity?" he asked.

- - -

"Expression is one of the reasons that Van Patter declared Nation keep Kids Creative Week. Children constantly are using their imaginations, but if they aren't able to express that imagination, it becomes lost in the dailly shuffle of life."

Getting Kids to Be Creative

Daily Local News, West Chester

Tracy Behringer, Staff Writer

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Keep Kids Creative Week


Bruce Van Patter believes children today have too little time to develop their imagination. To curb this trend, the children's author and illustrator from Lewisburg has designated the last week in September as National Keep Kids Creative Week.

"I find that teachers want to give kids a love of learning and encourage creativity, but with all of the (curriculum) requirements, they just don't have time in the school day. They're hoping the parents are doing it, but parents are so busy at home, they're hoping the schools are doing it," said Van Patter, who is the father of four children ranging in age from 19 to 4.

Van Patter said he hopes this week children and parents will make a time commitment. He also hopes they will visit his web site, which has interactive activities to foster creativity and creativie writing.