Download a book of 26 full-page comics designed for kids to finish!

These are just some of the characters to whom kids can give words!
Mouse over the pictures above to see a small sample of the cartoon pages.

Kids love cartooning! Strong visuals are a fantastic way to motivate kids to write. I've created a whole downloadable book of great story images to spark imaginations. My comic strips are full of kid-friendly characters and funny situations. All they need are words and a few visual elements to round out each joke. Your kids are going to love adding their own creative touches to these cartoons!

The cost:

$9.95 for a pdf containing 26 pages of original comics ready to print off your computer.

What you'll like about this book:

• it encourages kids to create and write dialogue

* it helps kids to think about narratives as they decipher what's happening in the panels

* it showcases their humor in a finished product

• it inspires creative thinking

AND... because it's a digital book, you can print off favorite cartoons over and over to let your cartoonists explore new interpretations

I've posted a page of instructions to go with the book, if you want to get a better idea of how kids can use it.

How to order

It's easy! Click Buy as a download and purchase the book through PayPal or a credit card. There's no extra cost for shipping. There's no waiting. Once you've paid you'll get an email directing you to the page where you can download the file. Within minutes, you'll be ready to print off the pages for the young writers in your class or home.

If you don't have high-speed internet, the second option will order a CD to be mailed to you.

buy as download


buy on CD
$9.95 plus
$2.50 shipping

Money-Back Guarantee: if your kids don't enjoy these, email me within 45 days of purchase and get a complete refund! (Minus shipping on CDs)

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