with Bruce Van Patter 2004-2005 School Visits

My visit to Croman Elementary!

I love to be with kids in schools so I can be there...
It's so much fun to see the way kids can use their imaginations to make up drawings and stories. Croman Elementary school in Troy, PA, was a great place to be to see kids minds in action!
A day for creative play:
No, we didn't surf today. But a character did. In the one assembly we had a rhino getting a little help to impress the other surfers during the final test in Surfing School. And the whale gets a new friend!

And for a completely crazy story, this guy who acts like a monkey -- and his sidekick dog -- prove themselves to be good enough for the football team. Now the Monkey Man can quit his day job delivering pizza!

Creative Fun!

I met so many fun kids today!
It was great working with them and encouraging them to use their imaginations.
Keep up the good work, kids! You have good ideas, so use them! And remember, the best way to stay being creative is to show your work to someone who is interested.

Be creative!

Snow-shortened day, but two great workshops!

Check out these stories:

The Smartest Bird. A girl has an amazing, smart bird. So she enters the smart bird contest. One thing it has to do is go get an apple from a tree. But the bird doesn't want anybody to know it is smart, because people will probably take it away from the girl. Meanwhile, the girl's brother is cheating with his pet bird. Wait, that's no bird! I smell a rat!
In Pig Stealer, a pig has been sneaking into the farmer's house while the farmer's away. The pig just wants some better food to eat! But the chicken sees him and is going to tell. They strike a deal: the chicken won't tell if the pig will rescue her eggs! Uh-oh. Looks like the farmer's caught both of them this time!

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