with Bruce Van Patter 2006-2007 School Drawings

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Have Marker; Will Travel

This has been a fantastic year! I set a personal record: I have drawn over 200 illustrations this year in front of live audiences! That is a lot of drawing -- and a bunch of markers. Click on the name of the school if you want to read about the stories that go with the drawings.

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Bee Meadow School
Penn Kidder Campus, Visit 2
South Lebanon Elementary

Worcester Elementary

Maugansville Elementary

Kindergarten Tale: A Dog, A Lion and a Mouse!

Bucher Elementary
Liberty Elementary
Marlborough Elementary

Kindergarten Tale: The Pirate Fox!

Hereford Elementary

Kindergarten Tale: The Pirate Fox!

R.B. Walter Elementary
Nitrauer Elementary

A Return to Rush Elementary

Berlin Community School

Akron Elementary

A kindergarten tale of turtle soup!

Kelly Elementary: First and Second grades

Alexandria Middle School's 4th grade

Mowrey Elementary

A kindergarten snail tale!

Jackson kindergarteners are a great source of fun stories. My book, Farley Found It! came from a kindergarten session in Jackson.

A Kindergarten tale

Kindergarten Story

These were fast drawings. Kindergartners don't want to wait to see what develops. This story gave me a chance to think with the kids about how they compete with each other.

First grade story: a frog
who wants to help a farmer!

Kindergarten imagines
a dog's trip to a city

One fun kindergarten story!

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Pick the ingredients to stories and click through to see how I've started them. Then you finish the story!

Make a character out of some funny people I've drawn for you!
Let my headline maker create a headlline for your next story!
click on the images to go to the writing activities