with Bruce Van Patter 2004-2005 School Visits

My visit to East Derry Elementary!

Here's a school full of...
I love working with kids. Every assembly is a new adventure, where ideas get uncovered and imaginations get a moment in the spotlight. Let me show you some of what was thought up during my time at East Derry.
Creative minds at work!

Kids give me such great ingredients for stories. Check these ones out...

This story, from the first assembly, sent a crocodile into a swamp looking for treasure. But the treasure belonged to an elephant! The crocodile here thinks he has almost gotten away , but that elephant is tricky, isn't he?
And in the second assembly, I was given a number of interesting elements: a boy who turns into a dragon when he gets scared (that's such a cool idea!), in a garage, up with tiger sidekick. Actually, I forget what it was he wanted -- to be left alone? A little peace and quiet? Well, that won't happen with his prank-playing cat, Tiger. He just loves to scare the boy and see what happens! This time, a barbequeing neighbor sees the dragon as his way to make the best cook-out ever!

Many thanks to all the kids who drew during the day!

I stopped on the way back to click this shot. What a glorious sunset!

East Derry kids: don't let the sun set on your imaginations! They're too good to let them fade away. And the best way to keep your ideas flowing is to put some down on paper and share them with someone. Remember, you are creative!

And don't forget to check out the fun on my site. There's so much to get your imagination working. The best place to start is at my page of fun stuff. Enjoy!

Amazing Stories!

Check out these stories:

Sew Far, Sew Good
A girl who is really good at sewing makes herself a bully costume so that she can rescue a boy she likes. But the main bully discovers her secret when he feels her muscle and gets poked with the needle she's left in the padding!
The Secret Singing Dog!
Ever heard of a singing dog with her own website? Well, now you have. This pooch is a faulous singer, but doesn't want anyone to know she's a dog. But when aliens show up to dognap her to their planet, she tries her best to howl. (the kids thought her ears looked like moose antlers!)

The Answer Book
A kid wants to cheat on a test, so he steals a magic book from the janitor's office. Seems the janitor is a retired wizard. The book has only one page, but every time you open it, it has the answers to the test you're taking. But not this time! When the kids opens it up during his biggest test, it's blank!

Here are some wonderful "Kid Doodle Drawings" from the day:

Great job, all of you doodlers!
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