with Bruce Van Patter 2010-2011 School Visits

My visit to Edison Elementary!

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: a secret agent in the future at a flying car shop looking for a friend with a silly sidekick of a dalmation

The story: our hero has two necklaces that can take him through time. He takes short trips, but is careful not to try to take chances.

But that's not the case with his grandma, who loves to try new things. She takes one of the necklaces and goes forward into the future so that she can try out a new jet pack.

Our secret agent guy tries to sneak into the same future vehicle shop to save his granny before she hurts herself, but he's caught by the robot salesmen. It's a good thing he brought with him his trusty dog, who uses a jet pack to save them both!

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I have to hand it to this girl who was so determined to get an autograph, she brought a pen and some paper in her boot!

The four ingredients: a young dragon named Shop in a school looking for a slice of pizza up against a rhino

The story: Shop the Dragon likes to shop. That's how he got his nickname. He collects all kinds of things and then sneaks them into school to show his friends.

One of the things he brings in his backpack is a slice of pizza. But he has to wait a couple of days to find just the right time to sneak his backpack in past the lunch lady, who doesn't put up with any nonsense.

Shop's problem is that by the time he finally gets out his pizza, it's so tough, he can't bite it into pieces. So he uses the horn of a rhino kid who sits next to him.

Looks like Shop's in trouble!

Workshop stories

This story is about a penguin who is on a quest to get to an international skateboarding contest. But here's his problem -- he's at the South Pole. His skateboard is made of ice. So when he travels north, it melts.

When he gets to the jungle, he makes one out of bamboo, but it breaks. He tries to make many more, but none works for long.

Then he finds a fish that will help him. The fish agrees to be his skateboard!

When the hamster boarder cheats in the big race, it turns out the fish is a flying fish, and it helps him win the race!

For a long time in this workshop, we couldn't decide if this weird kid on the right was a magical guy or an alien. The Wheel of Fiction decided he was magical.

So we made up a story about how he goes around with a magical suitcase making things disappear, until one day when he enters a house with a little girl whose dog takes the suitcase. Here's even a bigger problem for the little guy -- the girl's dad works for the government and would be very interested in getting disappearing power!

I liked drawing the people and the stairs all lining up to point to the dog.

Finally, in this story, we got our alien. It's about this girl who keeps a journal hidden in a secret passage which will give her clues to finding a way to get back to her home planet. When the journal is stolen, she tracks it down to a museum run by a young man who desperately wants to prove that there are aliens.

She goes in to find her book, he realizes she's an alien, and she realizes that the strange ball thing on the stand is a teleporter. As she starts to use it, the guy rushes over to go with her.

I was able to tell the group two true things from my life that are in this story. One is that I had a secret passageway in my room growing up. And second, my dad helped with the invention of the Vandergraaf machine, that thing that in science museums makes people's hair stand up. But no, it didn't teleport anyone. But the first model could send a lightning bolt across a warehouse!

It's fun to have a story take shape right before our eyes. Drawing for kids is a way that I can make their stories take shape. And these were truly interesting a original stories! Good job, everyone!

I shouldn't be surprised. Any school named after one of the most creative men of all time would have to have great ideas. You Edison kids have stories that are worth sharing. Get them down onto paper and share them with others.

Keep being creative, and check out the fun stuff on my site!

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