with Bruce Van Patter 2007-2008 School Visits

My visit to Fairview Elementary!

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: an elephant in a playground looking for a new home up against a tiger

The story: An elephant wants a new home and thinks it would be fun to live where he could play all the time. But when he tries the slide, he gets stuck!

All the other animals are upset, but only an impatient tiger takes action.

Looks like a painful solution!

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The four ingredients: a detective at the North Pole looking for peanut butter up against a rap star

The story: This detective is a part of a research team checking out global warming. But a bear raids their camp in an effort to become a rap star, taking the message of the warming earth to elementary schools. But along with the boom box and clothes, he took some peanut butter.

He didn't count on how hard it is to "sing" with a mouth full of the sticky stuff!

Workshop stories

This story had a fun role-reversal: a dog becomes his master's master! Seems that when they find a ball in the park to play fetch, it casts a spell on them. It was the magic ball of a passing wizard who lost it! The boy is desperate to get things back to normal.

But the dog has no interest in becoming the boy's slave again!

Here is another story with magic in a park. This evil scientist is trying to invent a flower that with chemicals that will make a woman fall for him. But he's also a sloppy scientist, so he doesn't realize that some other chemical has soaked into the rose and will have a quite different effect!

The woman who he tries the flower on suddenly wants to dance the tango! That's not his kind of thing.

I think the woman's name should be Rose, too!

This was an interesting doodle: a colonial boy looking over his shoulder in fear. We decided that he had lost a gold coin his parents had entrusted to him. He sets out on a quest through the forest to find it. But no long into the woods, he thinks the trees are out to get him. They keep throwing sticks at him!

The real culprit is a man who has the coin and doesn't want to give it up. The boy has planned a little trick of his own!

A pizza boy super hero? Why not! This kid has found a secret ingredient to make pizzas obey his orders. But when he runs out of the ingredient, he decides he has to pry open the locked door in the back of his abandoned pizza parlor hideout to try to find more. But he's not aware that a monster lurcks behind the door!

The monster is the former pizza shop owner who has been transformed by the secret ingredient! Mama mia -- that's one big slice of trouble!

What a fun day of imagining! You Fairview kids have fantastic ideas -- and the stories that came out of today are just the start. Think of how many more stories are inside you just waiting to emerge!

Keep being creative, and check out the fun stuff on my site!

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