My current picture book:

Farley Found It

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It has been a long process, here is my the first picture-book I've written and illustrated solo. (Max Bonker and the Howling Thieves was a co-authorship.) It's entitled Farley Found It! Farley is the sheep and Edna is the dog. This story originated in a brainstorming story-workshop I did in a kindergarten class in Jackson Elem. in Williamsport, PA. I asked the kids for an animal to use as a main character; we chose a sheep. When I asked for something he was afraid of, one of them suggested, "He's afraid of the dark!" I then asked where he might find somewhere to sleep. Another student came up with, "The farm's dog house!" When I followed up by asking what the dog would do, a student thought she would hide it. "Where?" I wondered. They gave me three suggestions that ended in the book: by some cows, in the hay, and in a tree. That's how the book came to be.

The paintings are all done digitally with the program Painter.

Farley Found It! (Boyds Mills Press) has been named an Original Voice by Borders Books.