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Amazing first grade doodles!

These are doodles created in Mrs. Kettlewell's first grade class in Mahoning-Cooper elementary school after my assembly with me. I was so impressed, I decided to scan them and put them on my site. As incredible as these are, I believe that they're typical of what kids can do with their imaginations when given the chance. Mrs. Kettlewell also had each student write a simple sentence underneath explaining their picture.

This is the simple shape the teacher gave her students. And here are the fabulous ideas they came up with:
Abby made this funny dog. What a tail! Great! Blair saw a face. I bet this guy is a good listener. Miss Stripe was Christopher's idea. The colors are fabulous!
Not only did Ciera think of this cool dinosaur, but named him Chomper! How did Dalton see a hammer? He has a great imagination! Wow! Meet Buggy, drawn by Gunnar. This is one fantastic drawing!
Ian found a super snake in the doodle. Jonathan made what he called a "friendly worm." And a colorful one! Kylie's Superbaby looks like she's out to save the world!
A simple drawing, but very nice. A balloon by Lizzie. Michael gets my applause for the funniest idea for a name: World Big Head. Nicholas made Super Bloonee!
These are simply incredible drawings, kids! You certainly proved what I told you: what you do best is coming up with ideas!
Notice something cool about Rebecca's mouse -- she turned the paper to make it! And finally, Samanthat's Slugee is the cutest slug I've ever seen. Thanks, Mrs. Kettlewell, for sharing these with me... with all of us!
Note to teachers: this is a great activity for prompting a story, and those of you who have been in my brainstorming workshops know how much fun it is to develop a story from one of these doodle characters. If you need questions to help your class build a doodle into a character, try the ones found in my Mugshots. Most of all, have fun!