with Bruce Van Patter 2005-2006 School Visits

My visit to Halethorpe Elementary!

I love traveling to a new area. This was my first trip to Baltimore County in MD, and I was eager to see the ideas that came out of these students.

Turns out, they were eager to share those ideas, too!

Here are a few examples of the stories we created:
In the younger assembly, we made a story about a giraffe trying to stop a juggling monkey from dropping coconuts on his head!

With the older students, I love the character we made up: Doctor Crazypants! In this drawing, his assistant is eating the sandwich that turns him into... well you can see.

Here are some picture of the creative fun from the day. Ideas flow out of markers and mouths. And there's always the Wheel of Fiction to add an extra fun spark.

Sometimes I add a few touches to a character doodle. This pirate was a real joint effort.

I can't usually show you one of the doodles I do in the assembly because it's tough to take a picture in the dark. So thanks to this photo-taker!

Hey, you guys! Your ideas were AWESOME!

Don't let this be the end of the fun. You were so eager to share your thoughts and stories with me. Why not take the ones you didn't share and put them down on paper. Keep using and sharing your ideas and you'll stay being as creative as you are now!

Thanks for a great visit!

Every story is unique!

Check out these tales that came out of the workshops...

In the Quiet Woods. I liked the moral choice this kid has to make. He's trying to win a quiet-walking contest. When danger arrives, he has to choose between his selfish choice of being quiet and winning the contest, or saving others by yelling -- and losing by doing it!

In Pet Surprise,we found ourselves making a story which in some ways is like Lilo & Stitch. But we weren't trying to. A woman steals pets from a store to let them go, but doesn't know she's taken an alien's pet. The alien shows up to take it back. I think I need to try some new way of drawing aliens... I feel stuck in a rut with them.

The Problem Pup. An older dog is lonely in his back yard, so his owners bring in a little puppy. The problem is that the puppy annoys him by being too friendly. Only when he sees how hard the puppy tries to return a favorite toy, he learns to appreciate the little fella.

I know. It should be Don't Cross My Mother. But that's pirate talk for you, matey. This pirate has been hiding treasure chests with only his mother's picture in them. Where'd the gold go? To his mother. When his crew finds out, they force him to go take back the gold from his mother's house. She looks scary. I guess I've got to work on how I draw mothers, too.

Cool, cool stories!

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