with Bruce Van Patter 2010-2011 School Visits

My visit to Hamlin Elementary!

This was a great second day in the school district. Check out the stories that these students invented!

The assembly stories

The four ingredients: a chihuahua in a gym looking for a treasure map up against a spider and a pig

The story: I need to explain about the spider. When I asked for a "bad guy" from the fourth student in my story team, she thought of a spider. But since I didn't want to draw a big, scary spider on the drawing for the school to keep, I said I would try to work a spider into the drawing. She then gave me a pig as the real bad guy.

Then I thought of this story. A little dog is searching for buried treasure. He knows that a treasure map has been painted in the center circle on the gym floor, but the only way he can get close to it is if he joins the basketball team.

During the game, he keeps crawling over to look at the map.

He thinks he sees the spot where the treasure is buried, but it's not an X, it's a spider!

I wonder if he'll ever find the treasure. Or if he will ever score a basket!

The four ingredients: a sheep in a house looking for a new toy with a bad guy of a dog

The story: One of the things I teach kids about stories is that anything can be a "bad guy." It doesn't have to be someone really evil, just someone who causes a problem.

In this story, our sheep is stuck inside the house on a rainy Saturday and just wants something new to play with. Then he gets a great idea! He will pretend his dog is a superhero. So he puts a superhero costume on the poor pooch.

When the dog tries to run away from him, the sheep grabs the cape and goes for a ride.

I think the mom is going to end the story of this superdog really soon, don't you?

Workshop fun!

Check out these stories which all came from our second grade workshops:

This story is all about a turtle who likes to tickle people with a feather that he takes from a crow.

In our final scene, he gets trapped in the cave of an alligator, who wants to stop him from tickling. But the turtle uses his feather to tickle the alligator's nose and make him sneeze. That's the turtle's chance to escape.

What the turtle doesn't see, though is that the crow has come back to get his feather!

Do you know what was hard to draw in this picture? An alligator sneezing. They have such long mouths, it's hard to make it look like he's blowing air out of his lips.

Wait a minute, do alligators even have lips?

In this story, the doodle on the right gave us a great view on a kid. We thought it looked like he was a giant. So we dreamed about a kid who found an alien cat who gives him a power crystal. The crystal can make him grow bigger when he wants to. The boy likes that power, but he's a bit afraid of it. And he's getting tired of the cat telling him what to do all the time.

One day, someone takes the cat. The boy has to go on a quest to find him.

In the end, he finds that the cat has been grabbed by another boy from school. This kid is pretending the playground is a space station and the slide is a rocket. He's put the cat in the slide.

The cat makes our hero grow large so that the big boy can rescue him. But in our picture you can see that our hero is hoping the other boy will take away the cat's power!

Finally, here we have a bunny who likes to cook. She goes through the forest looking for ingredients, but won't tell anyone what they are. That makes a bear angry, because he's very bossy and very hungry and he wants to eat all the bunny's food.

So he sends a note telling the bunny that there is a secret ingredient in the forest that will make all her food taste great! He's trying to trick her into getting the honey from the beehive for him.

But she figures out his plot and makes a switch. She gets the honey. He gets the angry bees! It serves him right.

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We made great stories together, today. You Hamlin students have wonderful imaginations. I hope you enjoyed being creative as much as I did.

Keep putting your ideas down on paper and sharing them with friends. Remember, the more other people enjoy your ideas, the more you will, too.

Keep up the good work!

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