with Bruce Van Patter 2003-2004 School Visits

My visit to C.G. Johnson Elementary!

Workshops where ideas grow.

Take a look at these stories the kids brainstormed:

Clowing Around Town: a girl who wants to join the circus has all her clown stuff stolen by a run-away clown. She follows, and finds new clown skills on the way, like riding a broken, one-wheeled bike. Little does she know the clown she's chasing is her dad, trying to stop her from joining the circus!
The Great Baby Chase: a master criminal enters the ultimate crime contest -- to steal candy from a baby. But what a baby! This will be no piece of cake, either!
Kindergarten and first graders came up with this story of a fox who loses his stuffed animal to a bear. When I was drawing the stick below, someone suggested that he scratch the bear's back as a trade for the toy. I like that idea even better than the one I drew!
Barker Meets An Alien: a fearful pooch who covers his scaredy-dogness with loud barking finds it hard to speak when faced with an alien, who thinks bananas are his cell phone.
Lizard's Love Luck: a grouchy lizard tries to impress a girl lizard on a picnic, but finds all his special treats for her have been stolen by the handsome, stuck-up lizard.
How much fun it is to come to a school and find...
Let me show you what stories these creative kids helped me invent.

The first assembly:

What a fun time it was drawing this picture! As I put the cats dangling over a volcano, the kids in the audience made sounds of lava bubbles popping! It really made me laugh.

The second assembly:

Though I couldn't make much of a story out of this one, the drawing is fun!

Other creative minds at work -- one of my Doodle Teams!
More doodlers and story kids!
Workshops are so much fun. But they only "work" when kids are ready to push beyond the first ideas. That's what brainstorming is all about. And these students were ready to keep going until we had some great ideas. Thomas Edison would be proud.

A couple final thoughts:

See, kids, I told you that you were creative! Now that I've shown you how to get your ideas out, keep it up. Explore your own imaginations. Do it with a friend.

And don't forget to check out the pages on my website. There are all kinds of fun things here.

For a good place to start, try Fun Stuff. And if you finish one of my stories in The Story Kitchen, email it -- I'd love to read it!

Stay creative!

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