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Cascade: Step Three

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Juggling "The Cascade"
Step Three

Okay, this is it. You're ready for the real deal, huh? Good. This will only work if you've really practiced the first two steps.

Now, hold two juggling balls in one hand (your writing hand) and throw one up like you did in step one. When it reaches its peak, throw up the ball in your other hand, like in step two. Then when this ball reaches its peak, throw the third ball up.

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A great resource is
Crafty Juggling
by Nick Huckleberry Beak
(Gareth Stevens Publ. 2000)

Now that it's going, the cascade is just throwing and catching over and over again. I know, it sounds easier than it is. It will take some practice. But give yourself some time and you'll get it!

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