with Bruce Van Patter 2009-2010 School Visits

My visit to Knapp Elementary!

This was a busy day and a great school! Just look at the wild and crazy stories that came from the minds of these creative kids.

The assembly drawings

The four ingredients: a cow in a haunted mansion looking for a costume up against a bunny

The story: A cow is called a coward by her friends. So she says she'll go into a haunted mansion and come out alive. When she gets in there, she realizes there's nothing to be afraid of. But to get back on her friends, she finds and old sheet and waits for them to look for her so she can pretend to be a ghost.

What she didn't count on in Sir Bunny . His costume is a fearsome knight. He comes into the house and ignores the MOOOOOO he hears and charges the ghost with his carrot.

Our cow doesn't know what is coming at her, but sees the pointy sword in the moonlight and takes off running. Who's frightened now, cow?

The four ingredients: a teacher in mountain woods, looking for something that was taken from his room up against a princess.

The story: I think that's the order of things. This teacher has lost his pet guinea pig. It turns out it was taken by a princess who was briefly in his class. She's under some kind of spell and wanders off into the mountains. He's trying to get his precious pet back, but along the way, I think he'll fall. In love that is!

This is one of those stories from assemblies that just didn't quite come together. That's okay. I love the ingredients!

The workshop stories

We started with this funny and strange drawing of a boy looking back over his shoulder. From that, we imagined a boy chef who wants to learn from the greatest chef in the world. When he gets a chance to cook for a great chef, the boy has his trusty lucky spatula with him.

Unfortunately, the chef has one thing the boy can't stand: a dog!

Worse than that, the dog snatches his spatula. We imagined what the boy could to do to get the spatula back.

I had a hard time at first coming up with a title, but this one works very well, don't you think?

In this story, we also had a dog. This is a magical dog that a girl secret agent wins in a contest. Only she doesn't like dogs, either. And she doesn't know he's magical.

She keeps trying to get rid of him -- leaving him in different places. On the way home, she finds other animals she wants as pets and brings them back.

But every morning, guess who's back? That's right -- the dog! She doesn't realize it, but he's transforming himself into those other animals!

I was happy with the silly look on the dog's face.

A fun story!

In this complicated story, a boy with a magical stick wants to impress his wizard father, who's a fairly mean man. So the boy finds a portal to another world in his father's library and uses the stick to bring a new, nicer version of the father into his world.

But the new father pushes the old one into the other dimension and then uses the stick to do all kinds of mischief. In my picture, the old dad comes to the rescue just in time!

It was fun drawing the dad twice. Hard, but fun!

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Hey, Knappy kids -- I hope you had as much fun as I did today. Remember, you have fabulous story ideas. I think today proved that. Now it's your turn to get those stories down on paper and share them with your friends and family. That's the best way to keep your ideas flowing!

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