with Bruce Van Patter 2005-2006 School Visits

My visit to Locust Grove Elementary!

It doesn't take much to get kids to love inventing stories. Making up characters and plots and problems is just a lot of fun. And the students at Locust Grove were so ready to have fun today!

INTRODUCING... creative kids!

These are some of the students who got involved in exercising their imaginations. The boy above was one of our doodlers, and that strange creature to the right is his drawing, starting with the crazy black-line shape we all had. Wild!

In our assemblies, kids give me random parts to a story, and I try to weave them together. Here, we had the funny combination of a cowboy in a store, looking for a tire (I made it looking for a new tire) and has with him the silly sidekick of a kid who likes cheese! See if you can figure out what went wrong from the drawing.

And in the other assembly, a cheetah wants to take his yacht for a spin, but an anaconda, who's mad about losing a game of Monopoly to the cheating cheetah, has snuck off with the keys! I will admit that I really don't know how to draw a yacht. But I like the view I have that looks down. That's a little hard to draw, but every now and then I try it. I'm glad it worked out!

This picture is a bit blurry, but I really liked the drawing that this student and I created together. She asked if she could have it, so we both signed it and she took it home. Great work!

Wow -- what a great day we had together! I hope all you Locust Grove kids are fired up about making your own stories. Next time you have some time on your hands, why not put one of your ideas down on paper. And share it with friends! That's the best way to stay being creative!

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Amazing Stories!

Check out these great tales...

In this story, a snowboarding daredevil finds an ancient, ruined fortress high in the mountains. He hears that there may be a treasure hidden in it. So he investigates. But he gets more than he expected when he runs into none other than the Abominable Snowman!

This one made me chuckle. A scientist has been gathering info on aliens, which he has in his laptop. But aliens sneak into his city apartment while he's sleeping and take it. He wakes up and chases them. When he corners them on the roof, he begs them to give it back. But they don't speak human very well. They think he's proposing!

Once again, a kindergarten class came up with a wonderful story. Some of you may know, my next book, coming out in the fall of 2006 -- called Farley Found It -- started in a workshop in a kindergarten class. I love the simple stories that these kids can make.

In this story, a young bunny likes to crunch his carrots at lunch, annoying a girl who likes to nibble. When the teacher tells him to nibble, too, it takes all the fun out. In the end, there's a compromise: he'll chew with his mouth closed if she'll try crunching!

I think this is a story that could make a great picture book. Who knows -- maybe this one will be my next book!

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