with Bruce Van Patter 2005-2006 School Visits

My visit to Milton-Union Elementary!

It was so much fun to visit West Milton, Ohio. After an imaginative day doing assemblies and workshops, I had the pleasure of speaking to over 200 people who turned out for an evening show for families. There was so much energy and laughter! Here are the drawings and stories that came out of the day...

The assembly drawings

What would a pirate be doing in a school? Looking for the gold he hid in his parrot's cage. The parrot is sounding the alarm, and I think the teacher is not going to put up with this pirate, even if he is a super hero.

And in this story, a sleep-walking horse keeps raiding the fridge in the middle of the night. His pet bulldog decides to wait up and find out where all the food is going.

The workshop stories

I love this story! A prince is trying to escape from his island kingdom, since he doesn't want to be a prince. What he really wants is to be a chef. Here's the problem, a dragon guards the island. So the prince climbs a dangerous mountain to pick some dragon-berries, to bake them into a cookie, since the dragon can't resist them. Here you can see the prince slipping the cookie into his father's pocket!

This story deserved a better drawing, I think. This woman finds a magical chair (which looks a lot like a mushroom) which can make what your thoughts become real. So she thinks of the perfect friend: herself! I was very pleased that the students could think of why it would not be fun to have someone exactly like yourself as your best friend.

A boy at the beach wanted to impress a girl, so he invents a tiny speaker which can fit into a shell. When the girl he likes puts it up to her ear, it doesn't make sea sounds, but whispers sweet nothings. The problem is that the sea water is making it say the wrong things, so here he's rushing in to grab it from her before he gets in trouble!

The Wheel of Fiction gave us a monster for this story, so we imagined a old woman, hiding in a secret kitchen high in the attic of an old, abandoned house. This young man is terrified of her, but all she wants is for him to try her latest recipe!

So, thanks to all who made the day such fun -- and even more, thanks to the kids for being so ready to create! I hope you'll always keep thinking of new story ideas.

Remember... you have great ideas. Share them!

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