with Bruce Van Patter 2005-2006 School Visits

My visit to Milton schools!

It was such a pleasure visiting the schools in the Milton school district. Not only were they filled with kids and teachers who were ready to imagine, but the schools were only ten minutes from my house! After this long year of travel, that was quite a treat.

Baugher Elementary

Check out these stories:

A mouse wants to make a new kind of cheese. Here he is putting chemicals together, but he's got to be careful. One drop too many could make a giant, dangerous cheese! Look out! Here comes his puppy wanting to go for a walk!

Have you ever heard of a party turtle? Well, here's one. He's really good at turning a boring party into fun. In our story, he's grabbed by aliens to come to their party on their spaceship. One of the aliens isn't happy about it, especially when the turtle ruins the cake! (I wonder what flavor cake aliens like?) But then, we thought the aliens might like the new game the turtle invented called "Splat the Cake".

White Deer Elementary

A scientist has invented a way to make a giant frog, so he's going to get an award for being such a great scientist. But his evil plan is to take over all the other scientists. The frog has other plans. He thinks he should get the award since, after all, he is the giant frog!

In this story, the idea that I really loved was that there might be jellyfish that have fire on them when they come in contact with air. So a dragon on a beach has kidnapped a baby one to give him fire to breath. But here comes the mother jellyfish!

Montandon Elementary

In this tale, The Search for Jewel Island, a cat is in a ship sailing to find a great jewel. A dog has come along, and he's been ripping around the ship, chewing things and tearing things and having such a great time, he doesn't want the trip to end. So he's tied a jewel in front of the cat's telescope, to lure him out on the prow of the ship. Oops! Looks like the cat's going for a swim!

A sheep as a superhero? Yes, our sheep can save the day. He's in a contest to see which superhero can rescue an elephant from an evil cow farmer. So, he's come up with the perfect disguise for the elephant. Do you think they'll get away with it?

Well, Milton kids, I hope you enjoyed our time together. Keep putting your wonderful ideas down on paper and share them with others. That way, you'll always be creative!

Keep being creative, and check out the fun stuff on my site!

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