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Sample lesson from The Mystery of the Monkey Mummy Picture Prompts book.

This is a double-page spread, showing the page with the larger version of the art on the left and the page with questions for kids to answer on the right. Each page can be printed separately. Use the drawing on the left if you need a larger, clearer visual aid; it's easier to see the details. The form on the right is a pre-writing worksheet which will help students develop ideas as they observe the art and imagine what's going on in the story. I recommend going through the questions as a class, group brainstorming answers before students decide on their own individual ideas.

The questions change from lesson to lesson. Some focus on developing the characters. Others help to create a strong setting. Still other help students think about different directions the story could go. When they have completed the form, your students have the framework for their story. They'll be primed to start writing. Give them a clean sheet of paper and they'll jump in.

These lessons are designed for elementary students. Some of the stories -- particularly the ones with personified animals -- work better with younger students. Others, with more complex situations, fit older students better. As you go through the book, you can decide which will work best for your kids.

With all my downloadable books, the great benefit of having them as files on your computer is the ease in which you can print off pages when you need them. They're easy to use and always a few clicks away!

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