with Bruce Van Patter 2005-2006 School Visits

My visit to Newton Elementary!

Despite having a day shortened by snow and sleet, at Newton, we had a chance to see...

Newton Elementary was my first school in Ohio. And as I said, it was a short day, but we found a way to get lots of stories in. The kids and I worked to put ideas into the flow of a good tale, and I hope they saw how much fun it could be. I know I had a great time.

Assembly stories!

This story, from one assembly, gave me a guy looking for treasure in a haunted school! What a great setting. So I had the "bad guy" be a cafeteria lady who's been working there all alone, trying to come up with nutritious and tasty food. (Gee... if you put Nutrious and tASTY together, do you get NASTY?) The treasure is hidden inside an old lunch box the guy left there when he was a kid.

And in the second assembly, a dog goes to a fancy restaurant to get a burger. But the raccoon waiter tries to tell him that they don't serve burgers. (I think the raccoon, being french, probably says "bur-GAIR") The dog doesn't care, because he's taken a dinner roll and is making his own burger -- out of the raccoon's tail! What? How can he do that?? He doesn't even have ketchup!

I'm sorry we didn't have more time to work together during the day I spent in your school, Newton kids, but don't let the fun stop. Try out some of the creative things I have on my site. Start with clicking the "fun stuff" button below.

Remember... you have great ideas. Share them!

A student's doodle

This is just one of the eight different doodles kids came up with in the assemblies.

Amazing Stories!

Because it was a short day, we only had time for these two tales:

This man has invented food that will make whoever eats it tell the truth. That's a fun idea. And the kids were thinking up some interesting situations where it might be tricky to tell someone exactly what you thought. For instance, in this picture the man is telling his wife exactly what he thinks of her cooking!

Then the afternoon session, with younger students, came up with a doodle that looked like a turtle wearing a dinosaur helmet. We decided he had to do that to scare a mean wolf who was keeping people from sharing his beach.

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