with Bruce Van Patter 2009-2010 School Visits

My second visit to Quarryville Elementary!

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: a nerd in a mountain treehouse looking for a magic book up against a girl

The story: our nerdy hero has found the perfect book for his experiments: Magic for Nerds. He's taken up into his mountain tree house to see if he can magically make an inanimate object come to life. He chooses a broken branch, tries the spell, but nothing seems to happen.

Just then, a girl who likes him and has tracked him, tries to take the book and throw it away. She's worried that it's dangerous.

How little does she know! He grabs it back to figure out how to stop his stick beast!

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The four ingredients: a cat in a street looking for candy up against a cheetah

The story: As soon as I heard candy in the street, I thought of one thing: parades. You know, the guys in the fire engines throw candy into the street. Well, in our story, this cat puts himself in danger! A motorcycle is rushing toward him, but he doesn't see it. He's too worried about his next tootsie roll!

Good thing a kindly cheetah firefighter scoops him up! You know, I don't think that cheetah is a bad guy after all.

Workshop stories

A boy is trying to do magic tricks to impress a girl he likes. But he's no good at magic. In fact, he's scared of it! So he steals a bunny from another magician, thinking the bunny will help him.

What he doesn't know is that the other magician WANTED him to steal the bunny!

You see, the rival magician wants to ruin our boy's show. The rabbit keeps popping up all over, driving the boy crazy. Seems like the show is wrecked!

But the girl thinks it's sweet the guy went to all that trouble just to impress her. Awww.

I don't think I've ever had a sea horse story before. In this one, a sea horse is a spy for a mermaid. She wants to rope and ride a rare creature: a Tunacorn! But the fish belongs to a scary monster that lives in the shadows inside a sunken ship. The seahorse's job is to find out how to get in and grab the tunacorn.

I love that name: tunacorn. But I wasn't sure how we were going to spell it, since I thought this spelling sounded like a casserole. Yum -- tunacorn casserole!

Still, it's a fun combination!

Gem stories are popular in schools. In this one, a girl from the future comes back to find a crystal from a mountain cave in order to use its power to stop a future disaster.

But another creature from the future has tracked her as she treks through the mountains!

Look out behind you!

It's so much fun to invent stories. And just as much fun to draw them. When we put our imaginations into gear, Quarryville kids, anything can happen, as you showed today.

Now, make up your own stories. I was thrilled to hear from a group of kids in one class that they're all writing stories on their own. Wonderful! Keep it up. And remember to share them with each other -- hey, how about making your own writers' club where you can share your latest stories with each other! Seems like a great thing to work on over the summer.

It was a great day! Hope you all had fun!

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