2002-2003 School Visits

My visit to Renn Elementary!

The town of Lairdsville is nestled in this beautiful valley. I actually gasped with wonder when I came over the mountain and saw this view. A delight to the eyes.
Delight is a good word for my visit at Renn Elementary School. From the delightful Santo girls who helped me unpack, through two great assemblies, to the laugh-filled workshop that ended the day. A delight from start to finish.
My time with Kindergarten produced a funny story about a cat that goes fishing, using a mouse on the end of a stick to grab a fish. But when the mouse falls in, he can't swim! We had a good time thinking about how to rescue him.
The younger audience produced these incredible drawings from the same doodle shape. Can you make out what it was?
by Melanie by Alex by Tommy by Charlie
The one assembly came up with this combination: dragon in Hawaii looking for a hula girl against an evil farmer. But it seems the farmer is not so keen on a dragon approaching his daughter, even if it is just for an autograph!
The other assembly decided on a cat who goes on vacation (what is this beach theme at Renn?) only to find that he was tricked into a wrestling match with a troll. Good thing he was wearing lots of sun-tan lotion and slipped right out!

A couple final thoughts:

Hey, kids. Great work, all around. Keep it up. Remember that ideas are meant to be shared, so put them down on paper, whether it's with writing or drawing.

And to you older students who printed off some of my Story Kitchen stories. If you finish one, email it to me. Who knows, maybe I'll be posting YOUR story on my site!

Here's what teachers at Renn wrote about my time at their school:
about the assembly:
"All of our students thoroughly enjoyed your author/illustrator assembly. We feel that it will inspire our students to become more creative writers and illustrators. It was definitely worthwhile!"
about the workshop:
"Terrific! I enjoyed the rapport developed between Mr. Van Patter and the students. The students were free with their thoughts and Mr. Van Patter incoporated many different ideas together to come up with a base story... A fun, fun day!"
Wacky Workshops!

I have never laughed so hard in a workshop than when working on a story about a man trying to get his wheelbarrow to fly. The dialogue went like this:

Me: "It's hard to wheel a barrow when you're sittting in it. Have you ever tried it?" (I'm thinking, noooooo.)

Lots of kids: "Yeaaaahhhh." (nodding heads)
Me (astonished): "You did? Really?"
Lots of kids: "Yup!"
Is there an annual Lairdsville One-Person Wheelbarrow Race or something?
So... not the best story or picture, but by far the best laugh I've had in a school for quite some time.
Here was a fun story and the two helpers who came up with the sketch for the main character. Some animal is zipping through the forest, recklessly knocking down bunnies. To whom do the animals turn? The private detective snail, of course!
And of course, laughter is a great thing to share, so I did my best to leave everyone grinning!
And thanks, Cameron, for this wild, colorful face! Can I make it into a Halloween mask?

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The Story Kitchen
Hey kids! Keep the creative fun going! Check out my Story Kitchen, where you choose the story ingredients and finish a story I've started! If you finish one, email me your ending and I'll post it on my site!
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