2002-2003 School Visits

My visit to Roosevelt Elementary!

Ever have something right on the tip of your tongue and then someone else says it? Well, when creative ideas start flowing like they did at this wonderful school, that's bound to happen over and over again. In fact, it must happen in this school a lot, because they have a sign for it. Tap two fingers against two fingers. That's how they say, "I was going to say that!" When I found out, I was so relieved. I was worrying that maybe they had a secret sign for "This guy is sooooo boring." Just kidding. You can ask the kids at Roosevelt: our time together was FUN!

There was, of course, lots of drawing. Ideas were flowing. And it wasn't only me doing the drawing -- I had whole teams of kids getting into the act.
Oodles of Doodles
I wish I could show you more of the stories that came up during the two days. They were wonderful, inventive, original tales filled with princesses sneaking out to see minstrel boyfriends, pig-riding cowboys, and aliens out to capture squirrels. There was a great creative flow going.

Keep it going, gang!

Here's what teachers at Roosevelt wrote about my time at their school:
About the workshop:
"...very creative... encourages students to read and become great storytellers."

"Mr. Van Patter develops a great rapport with the children regardless of whether they are in primary or intermediate levels... (he) engages the youngsters in thinking that stretches them in a comfortable, fluid manner."

My apologies for not having more pictures from my two day visit. One whole roll of film came back all messed up. If I get some new pictures from the school, I'll post them here.
Workshop Wows!

Here are just some of the stories from the TWO days I spent in their school:

Which weather-watcher wins? This imaginative story has a weird bean-shaped guy whose tears cause rainstorms go against a weatherman who has a magic weather wand.
Kindergartners sent this tiger (I know it looks like a cat... oh well) to the beach, where crabs get to dance to his radio's music
A pizza chef wants to make a pizza never tasted before and thinks that only moon cheese will give him that extra snap. But his dog has invented a cheese with soda in it that sizzles in your mouth! How will he get the chef to try it? Disguise himself as an alien, of course! Moon cheese, anyone?
At one point on day two, I wandered into the enrichment room to find a group of girls playing one of my favorite, brain-stretching games: Apples to Apples Junior! It's as fun as it looks.

Hey kids, thanks for all your fantastic ideas! I left convinced of what I knew all along: you are all truly creative!

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