Another whole school year of creative writing lessons in one volume!

Adaptable for grades 1-8

If you are a fan of the first collection of my creative writing lessons, then you'll love the second volume. In Sparks: Year Two, you'll find another 37 dynamic lessons, tested in classrooms all over the world, with another group of rave reviews.

This is a great follow-up to Sparks: Year One. It can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone, if you find the listed lessons more intriguing than the first collection. Each book follows the same unique approach to getting kids excited about writing. Read what teachers said about these lessons!

What makes my Sparks lessons so different from the other books of creative writing prompts?

• Each lesson comes with a visual prompt. Most of these are images I've created to stimulate imaginations or students' senses of humor. Some are website pages. These extra visual aids help to focus the attention of children

The lessons coax children outside their writing comfort zone. These lessons are creative! I help around 12,000 elementary students each year invent stories . I know what sparks kids' imaginations. Through brainstorming and random connections, your students will begin think of their writing time as fun. They won't even notice that they're writing about topics they never tackled before.

The book is in pdf form. There's no need to squash a book onto a fussy copy machine. These lessons and the images can be printed directly from your computer. Also, some lessons come with links to helpful sites related to the topic. Click on the links and you're there. Try that with a printed book!

• The lessons are adaptable to most grades. I have teachers on my mailling list who use these from first grade through high school. Some are lessons may be too young for the youngest of writers and some may be a bit juvenile for accomplished writers, but the concepts will inspire you with new approaches to writing.

• No tax! No shipping! No waiting! Click on the BUY NOW button below and within minutes you'll have the file and be ready to use the lessons. For those of you who don't have high-speed internet, I also have the option of purchasing the book on a CD which I'll mail to you. There is an additional shipping charge with that.

Holidays around which lessons are built include:

• International Rainforest Week

• National Pie Day

• Anniversary of Gulliver's Travels

• Biographer's Day

• Walk Your Dragon Day

• The Day Niagara Falls Stopped

Lessons built on birthdays include:

• Dr. Seuss, children's book author

• Beethoven, composer

• Arthur Conan Doyle, writer

• Randolph Caldecott, children's illustrator, for whom the picture book award is named

• Buster Keaton, silent film comedian

• Jules Verne, writer

These lessons can be taught during the week of the event, or can be taught as stand-alone lessons any time of the year.


I'm so convinced you're going to like these lessons, I'll give you a money-back guarantee. Purchase the book, download it, read it over. Try out a lesson with your class. If my approach doesn't work for you, no problem: email me within 45 days of purchase and I'll refund your money. But I think you're going to find your kids are going to love these lessons!

Images that accompany lessons.

The lessons in Year Two of Sparks focus on:

- narrative writing
- poetry
- how-to
- biography

- expository
- ficitonal journal writing
- writing suspenseful scenes
- persuasive

See a sample lesson and picture!

The sales of Sparks: Year One has shown me that teachers are looking for unique, kid-motivating writing material. If you're using this book as a starting point or coming back for more, it's sure to Spark your kids to better writing.

Put the creative back into your class's creative writing!

Bruce Van Patter
author, illustrator and creative writing motivator

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Creative writ

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