Reviews from teachers who have used this second year of Sparks in their classrooms!

Not only are my kids learning how to write, they're learning to think, interact, and engage in their education. Learning how to write can be plain hard work. Thanks for showing me how to trick 'em into it!

Sue W.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great writing ideas. I teach a high school creative writing class, and I used many of your ideas throughout the semester. I also teach 7th grade English, so I am able to use them in there, too. Thanks bunches!

Diane K., Oklahoma

I LOVE your Sparks lessons. My 1st graders have even enjoyed them. Next year I will be teaching 3rd grade and plan to make it a part of my weekly schedule. Thank you so much for all you do for teachers! I have told many of my co-workers about your writing prompts!

Stacy F., Georgia

I loved the Sparks lessons...they were very useful and entertaining. The kids had a ball being creative and coming up with their stories. They were even informative and fun for me! Thanks for this great teaching tool!

Cheri M.- 5th grade teacher, Iowa

I have used SEVERAL of your lessons in my writing class. I teach a high school special education class with kids of various levels, but all with a specific learning disability. These lessons are fun for the students, and easily adaptable for me if there isn't the time to fit it all in. The kids enjoy the variance is the mundane writing curriculum they are doing otherwise. It's nice to have something fun for the kids to do that is still focused around the practice of writing. These have been a life saver for a girl who's creative juices sometimes get blocked!

Krista L., Omaha, NE

YES!!! Thank you! Very helpful. I am a homeschool mom. I homeschool four children and look for many ways to teach with enthusiasm! Your lessons were very helpful and I hope I continue to get the help.

Helen R.

I LOVED my year with your Sparks lessons!!! I have passed your site along to my teaching friends. My class made "SPARKS" folders and that is where they put all of their creative writing lessons. Thank you so much for filling my 'creative writing void' - I am excited to keep using your ideas for years to come.

Annie L., Ogden, IA

Bruce, you always create and share unique and fun-filled writing activities that my kids enjoy and look forward to each Monday. Thank you!

June U. - Middle School Teacher, Hershey, PA

Thank you so much for your clever and creative Sparks lessons this year. I taught creative writing and social studies to a grade 5 class once a week and I used your lessons quite a bit.

Lesley W., Bermuda