with Bruce Van Patter 2008-2009 School Visits

My visit to Spring Grove Elementary!

Check out these stories:

The four ingredients: a cow in a forest looking for a friend up against a giant bass

The story: Our cow has a soft heart for other creatures, even for fish. When she hears there will be a fishing contest to try to catch the giant bass in the forest lake, she decides to catch it herself and take it to another pond, a safer place.

I think she'll need a bigger net!

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The Adventures of Pirate Dog
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Sparks: Year One
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More to come!

The four ingredients: a "zombie" in a back yard looking for a golden baseball with a silly sidekick of a dog.

The story: I try not to put zombies into drawings that will hang up in schools. So I decided to make a kid who looks like one coming out of his bedroom at midnight to stop his dog from playing baseball in the backyard. Those dark circles around his eyes are from being woken up.

The dog has been waiting to play ball with his master. He's saved his golden glow-in-the-dark ball for when the boy finally came out.

Note the broken window. This dog means business. Serious baseball business.

Workshop stories

This is a doodle of a very strong-looking mermaid. We used this to help us create a story about a mermaid who has to rescue a "merdude" she likes from an ancient giant squid. It's a good thing that she's had much experience wrestling sea creatures.

I like how this story turns around the usual "knight-fighting-a-dragon-for-a-princess" story.

There are times when a group comes up with a great idea and I have a hard time putting it into a drawing. That's what happened with this story about an elephant who lost his glasses.

The elephant is trading a set of banana glasses to the monkey who took his real specs. The banana glasses were harder to draw than I thought they would be.

It hink it's funny how the bend in the trunk looks like a nose. I didn't mean to do that!

In this tale, a boy has a dog who can fly. But the dog disappears, so the lad sets out to find his pooch. The trail leads him high above a gorge, where crossing a log puts him face to face with a monster!

What he doesn't know is that the dog used ot be the monster's pet!

So the dog has to decide which master to go to. The meanness of the monster may help him make up his mind!

A fun time was had by everyone! Well, I know I had a good time. How could I not enjoy making up wild and crazy stories with kids?

But now what? Here's my suggestion: put your own story-ideas down onto paper and share them with friends. That's the best way to keep your ideas flowing!

Keep being creative, and check out the fun stuff on my site!

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