Discussion questions and acitivity sheet

Here are some suggestions for using this book with young students:

MATH: notice that the crows increase by twos in the illustrations that show them in the background. Show a few pages to young readers to establish the pattern and then see if they can predict how many there will be on the coming pages.

DISCUSSION: there is an ethical question that can easily arise from Tucker's escapades: Does the end justify the means? That may take some explaining, so a simpler question for kids would be: Do you think Tucker was right in what he did? Follow with: Why do you think he didn't ask first? What other way could he have gotten the things he wanted? When are you tempted to take something without asking? How does that feel when someone (like a brother or a sister) does that to you? This could be a great topic to have kids do a little persuasive writing -- stating their case pro or con about Tucker's behavior.

OBSERVATION: of course, kids will want to look for Tucker, who is hiding on the pages right before he leaps out to create mischief. But also look for Edna and Farley from the first book, as well as a distant sheep and an angry rooster.

Below you'll find an activity sheet you can print off to use with your students. After they circle the items that Tucker took, they could also color the page.

Copy and print this gif below or click here for a pdf to download.

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