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Strange English words
These are actual words in the English language, though many of them are now archaic.

achar (n.) - kind of pickle

adit (n.) – an entrance into a mine

agelast (n.) – someone who never laughs

agroof (n.) - flat on one's face (Scottish)

amurcous (adj.) – smelly

ananym (n.) - a pseudonym devised by spelling one's name backward

artuate (v.) - to tear limb from limb

bibble (v.) - to drink or eat noisily

blinkard (n.) – someone with bad eyes, or is dull or stupid

caterwaul (n.or v.) – a screeching like cats

clamjamfry (n.) – a mob of people (Scottish)

clodpolish (adj.) – awkward

danio (n.) – brightly colored Asian fish

duckspeak (n.) - talking without thinking, just speaking rotely, as meaningful as simply quacking.

eesome (adj.) - pleasing to the eye

eldritch (adj.) - weird, eerie, ghastly

fleer (v.) - to laugh lecherously or derisively

footle (v.) - to waste time, talk nonsense

fribble (adj.) - of little value or importance; trifling; paltry

fubsy (adj.) - short and stout

gapeseed (n.) - anything that causes people to stare

gammer (n.) – an old woman

gamp (n.) – a large umbrella (which might make it a damp gamp. Did Dr. Seuss know this?)

garboil (n.) – confusion

groak (v.) - to watch people eating, hoping they'll ask you to join them

habnab (adj.) - at random; hit or miss

huckabuck (n.) – fabric good for making towels

killick (n.) – a small anchor

kobold (n.) – a German gnome that lives underground

labefy (v.) - to weaken

mome (n.) - a crashing bore

nelipot (n.) - someone going barefoot

nimshy (n.) - a foolish person

patzer (n.) - a weak chess player

rampike (n.) – a standing dead or broken tree

sneckdraw (n.) - a sly person

soodle - to walk or stroll leisurely

wamble – to stagger

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