By Bruce Van Patter

FAQ about my brainstorming workshops

The workshop videos!

I know it's hard to book a presentation you haven't seen. That's why I have added video clips of me in action. Below, you'll find short videos that will give a taste of what goes on in my sessions. As you can understand, I can't show kids in any of these clips, but you can hear them interacting with me.

In this first clip, I explain what goes on in the workshop.

Following the first explanation, this is the drawing I did of ths story we invented. I love how the kids interact with the drawing in process. (You can also hear the squeaky swivel chairs the kids were in!)

Finally, as I finish up the drawing, I explain a little of my reasoning behind what goes on in the workshop. Then you can see what the final illustration looks like.

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I am no longer presenting in schools. It has been a wonderful run, but I'm on to other creative endeavors. Feel free to use the creative writing helps on this site, as well as the books I have in my store

These are some of the illustrations I've made in workshops. They're all student stories! The class got to keep the drawing to hang up to remind them of their cool ideas. Move your mouse over the drawings to see them bigger. See all my recent school drawings.

A dog who's afraid of cats has to come to Super Cat's rescue!
A passing elephant decides he can be the new rooster on a farm!
Evil rabbits want to stop this snowman from getting an iron carrot for a nose!
A detective has to find the missing carrot. Too bad he's afraid of them!
A girl can get magic paint if she can only paint a tricky wizard's portrait!