The Stolen Energy-globe

story & illustration © 2007 Bruce Van Patter

anyone can solve this mystery, you can, Zoop," said Quax.
I wasn't so sure. Yeah, I'm Aden Zoop, cosmic private eye. I've solved crimes from one end of the galaxy to the other. But this was different.

First of all, I hated this space station. I call it "The Fortress." It's a big, cold space cube, impossible to break in or out of. And the long black, metal hallways gave me the creeps. Then add to it the little duck-faced creatures that run the place. They're so annoying. Waddling all around, sneaking up and tickling me with their snaky arms. I hate that.

Quax was their head of police. That wasn't his real name. I can't say his real name, or even spell it. So I call him Quax.

He was showing me the room where their glowing energy ball had been hovering up until last night. That's when someone stole it. I was there to find out who.

"We guard this room with I.D. scanners," Quax quacked. "Last night, the scanners stopped working when they tried to read the person who took the Energy-globe."

Stopped working? I looked at one of the scanners. More like blew up. "Or the thing that took your ball," I said. "There's only one creature that will fry a camera like that. A shape-shifter."

Shape-shifters. Dirty, sneaky, dangerous things. They can change into anything! I should know. I am one.

It's Your Story - so what will you do with it? There's so much more to the story! For instance:

How will Aden Zoop C.P.I. (Cosmic Private Investigator) catch this tricky thief? Will Aden have to reveal his true identity? What dangerous situations will he get into? And how will he get out of that huge box of quackers? Can you write an ending where he catches the thief? You'll have to make up a good shape-shifter bad guy.

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! Hey, email me your ending!