The Kidnapped Kakapo

story & illustration © 2003 Bruce Van Patter

make one charming parrot. Not bad for a dog, huh?
Max Bonker's my name, mystery's my game. And once again, I was up to my floppy ears in a jungle mystery.

Someone was out to kidnap the last kakapo and I had to stop them. That's why I was covered in feathers and walking around in the dark.

What's a kakapo, you ask? A big, flightless parrot. There aren't many left in the whole world, and only one on this island. All the others have been parrot-napped. This time, when they came, they'd nab me instead. That's my genius of a plan. That way, they'd lead me right back to where the others were being held.

The night was too dark for even a dog to see. But I tried to look the part. I was even chewing on a green plant to get juice like the kakapo does. Yuck. They probably get their name from the choking and spitting they do trying to eat this stuff...kack-aPO!

Then I heard a noise. It was like a boom! Sounded like the call of a male kakapo, but I knew better. There weren't any here. So I decided to walk right into their trap.

I hadn't taken three steps before a net slammed down on me. I was knocked to the ground, but kept flapping my wings like I was really scared. Just then, a furry face came so close to mine, that I could smell the tuna on its breath.

"Now that is one UGLY parrot!" sneered the big scruffy cat.

It's Your Story - Max is in trouble again! Can you help him solve this mystery?

Will the gang of cats take Max back to where the other kakapos are prisoners? Is there some evil boss giving orders to the cats? How will Max free them? Remember, the birds can't fly! Can you write an exciting ending? And... does this make Max a bird-dog?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! Will you email me your ending?