First Day in Charm School

story & illustration © 2003 Bruce Van Patter

heck this out," Sela Dabney said, picking up a wand from the big desk. "It must be the teacher's!"
Her friend Will looked around nervously. "Put that down," he whispered. "Just because we got here early doesn't mean we should mess with stuff!"

"Oh, you're such a worry-worm," Sela replied. "The teacher won't be here for a while. I closed the door, didn't I? Let's see what I can do with this." She began to wave it around and point it at things. "ZING!" she said.

"Be careful! It might be loaded!" cried Will.

Sela snorted. "Honestly. How do you get enough courage to slither out of bed in the morning? I don't know any spells. It's our first day at school. Just relax, okay?" She pointed the wand to her own head. "See, it's not dangerous."

"Don't..." started Will. But two things happened then. First, voices could be heard at the door. Then, in a panic, Sela tapped her head with the wand. SMOOF! In a second, the girl was changed into a snake.

The door began to open.

Will didn't have time to think. Without a word, he opened the desk drawer, shoved in his friend and slammed it shut.

It's Your Story - Ah, the old snake in the drawer trick! I need you to write the ending!

What will happen when the teacher finds a snake in her desk? How will the two kids escape trouble? Who will turn Sela back? And does this mean she flunked her spelling test?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! I'd love to see your me!