Stop the Beach House Gang!

story & illustration
© 2003 Bruce Van Patter

veryone makes mistakes, thought Vola Sanders, but not mistakes that rob banks.
She looked again through her binoculars at the beach house. In the glow of the setting sun, lights were coming on. Now she could see the gang of crooks counting piles of money on the table. Money they had stolen. And it was all her fault, just because she was a genius.

When the boss of the gang had asked to see one the electronic brains she had invented, she didn't know he wouldn't be giving it back.

Instead, they attached it to a creature -- a sea creature big enough to help them do their crime. She moved the binoculars again. There, in the first floor, where the house met the beach, she saw the big shape of the thing moving. It tilted from side to side when it walked, waving its long fins. It turned toward the window, opening and closing its mouth. Vola saw its rows and rows of teeth. Shark teeth. On top of its head was the little beeping box that she had invented.

"Well, girls, it's time to make our move," she said, looking down. "We've got to get that box back. Then we can call the police. Are you ready?"

Down at her feet, six crabs looked up at her and clacked their claws with excitement. Little boxes on their heads seemed to beep out, "Let's go!"

It's Your Story - Vola, are you crazy? There's a walking shark in there!

Can you write an exciting ending to this story? How will Vola and her crabs handle that huge monster? How will she get out without being caught? Put lots of action into this one! And... if one of the crabs kept all the money, wouldn't she be a little shellfish?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! If you want to, email me your ending!