Me and My Killer Pizza

story & illustration © 2003 Bruce Van Patter

am a genius with a pizza. Nobody can make a pizza like me.
I'm only twelve, but I've been working on my recipe for seven years to get everything just right. I call it my Killer Pizza.

My dad got me started. Our first floor is the only pizza shop in town. That is, until that strange Wanda Powers opened another pizza place right next door! If you ask me, she wouldn't know a real Italian cheese if she tripped over it. But people keep going there, instead of our place. Something wierd is going on.

That's why I challenged her to a duel. A pizza-making duel. Right in our house, in front of TV cameras. The whole town would be watching.

The big night came. The lights came on, the cameras started. I was nervous, of course, but I know my stuffed crust. I looked over at Wanda. She was making a mess. When I was getting my dough ready to toss, she was hitting hers with some kind of weird, thin spoon. I grabbed my dough and spun it up into the air. Just as it was about to come down, I thought I heard Wanda whispering, "Ura Killa Pizza," and this sparkly light hit my dough.

I was so surprised, I did something I hadn't done since I was five. I missed the catch. The dough hit the counter with a SMACK! The people watching all gasped. Wanda laughed.

"No problem, folks," I said, trying to smile like nothing happened. I reached down.

The dough bit me! I jumped back and shouted. The dough opened what might have been a mouth with sharp little teeth and growled. Then it balled itself up and with a mighty spring, leapt straight at me.

It's Your Story - Mamma mia! What's going on? Can you finish this story?

Write what happens next -- will the dough get our hero? How can he beat this magic chef? What can he do to her pizza? Will he win? Is there a way he could lose the contest and still win back the customers? And... is Wanda in it for the fame or does she just knead the dough?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! And email me your story if you want!