You Snooze, You Lose

story & illustration © 2001 Bruce Van Patter

first, I didn't think anything was wrong when two kids in my class slept through math class.
After all, it was the first subject of the morning. And it is math. On a Monday. So I'd expect a few nodding heads.

But then Tuesday, four more were barely keeping their head up. When they were called on, they just mumbled stuff nobody could understand. I was beginning to think something was up.

On Wednesday, Ashley, the second smartest kid in class -- after me, that is -- thunked her head down during a spelling test. You know what she got on that test? Drool.

Something was definitely wrong. So, one day, I forgot my homework on purpose, so I had to stay in from recess. I waited until Ms. Finkle went to get some copies, then I quickly started looking through each kid's desk. If there was a clue, I had to find it fast, before she came back.

Minutes flew by as I jumped from desk to desk. Finally, I came to Brenda Sputnik's desk. I could hear Ms. Finkle's footsteps down the hall. I opened the desk. The regular books, pencils, trading cards. Wait. What was that? It was like no card I had ever seen. On the back, in big letters was written, "How to Take Over Earth In Two Easy Steps."

Huh? Take over Earth? Who was this kid, Sputnik? Was she even a kid?

I turned the card over. The picture was of orange and blue swirls. They started to spin, around and around.

I was suddenly feeling very tired.

It's Your Story - Now what??? I can't wait to read your ending!

Will our hero really fall under the spell? Is there something you can think that Brenda is after in the classroom, and why does she want it? Can you write an ending in which our hero stops her? And... are the students really under a spell or are they just bored of education?

Have fun -- finish the story -- be creative! And email me your story if you'd like!