Sara Faces the Black Knight

story & illustration © 2001 Bruce Van Patter

athering all her courage, Princess Sara stepped out into the clearing to face the Black Knight.
The first ray of fire from his eyes exploded a bush to Sara's right. She flinched but held her ground. From his hiding place behind her, Old Rollo whispered, "That's showing 'im, m'lady!"

She spoke to the knight. "I have come for your aid," she said in a strong but slightly shaky voice. "O Brave Sir, will you not help a maiden in distress?"

A tree to her left burst into flames from the second ray. The heat from the two fires made Sara's face tingle and sweat, but she did not run. "You've got the bloke worried now, m'lady!" said Old Rollo.

"Hear my plea," cried the princess. "For only you can defeat the dreaded Dragon of Blackmoor."

The knight's eyes glowed red. This time the ray came straight at Sara. She made only one quick movement: her hand flicked up, holding a mirror toward the fiery eyes. The ray hit the mirror, then shot straight back to the knight. A strange cry came from within the armor. There was a small explosion, and the knight fell backward onto the forest floor with a crash. Old Rollo jumped up, shouting, "Take that, you black-hearted bully!"

Carefully, Sara and Old Rollo approached the fallen knight. Smoke curled up from the helmet. The knight groaned in an odd, high voice, sounding like a cat that had fallen down a well.

Sara straightened to her full height. In her best royal tone, she said, "Now. About that dragon."

It's Your Story - Gadzooks! Don't stop now! Keep the story going!

Will the alien Black Knight help Princess Sara? Can you write an ending where the two of them face the dragon? How will they defeat it? Will the Black Knight's ray still work, or will Sara have to save the day? And... if he won't help a maiden who's in distress, what about dat dress?

Have fun -- finish the story -- be creative! And email me your story!