The Prince and the Parkers

story & illustration © 2001 Bruce Van Patter

ot every girl gets to be taken to school every day by a Prince. But I do.
Each morning, my Prince walks with me all the way to school before he heads back home. He looks lovingly into my eyes while we walk. Sometimes he gets excited and chases rabbits. But I don't mind. Dogs will be dogs.

There's one thing I won't let him do, though. He's to stay out of the Parkers' yard. The Parkers moved to town a month ago, and they're real strange. I hardly ever see them, but when I do, they're always wearing heavy coats and lumpy ski hats -- even in warm weather.

They're so private the shades are always down, and there are signs all over the house telling people to stay away. If that wasn't enough, the whole yard is rimmed with those little flags that let you know they have an invisible dog fence, but get this -- they don't have a dog. That's too weird. So I want Prince to stay away from the Parkers' place.

But then I hadn't counted on two rabbits cutting right in front of Prince as we passed that house this morning. Prince shot off after them. I screamed and scrambled to follow, but my book bag got caught on a branch of a tree, and ripped it open. I fell. Books spilled onto the sidewalk. I looked up just in time to see my dog run smack into one of the little flags.

ZAP! Right before my eyes, Prince was lifted up by a ray. He floated over to the house. Just as he got there, the door opened. Little gloved hands pulled him inside, before slamming the door shut.

He was gone! Those weird Parkers had my dog!

It's Your Story - How dare they take her dog! Can you write a rescue?

Why would those alien Parkers want an earth dog? How will the girl get him out? Write an exciting scene where she tries to sneak in and get Prince out. Maybe in the end, she can help the aliens! Write it your way... And... what is the penalty for pooch-poaching?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! Hey, why not email me your ending!