Morning Shocker

story & illustration © 2003 Bruce Van Patter

van Woodson tingled. Even when he climbed out of bed and went downstairs, he could still feel it.
Something is wrong, he thought. Maybe I'm just still scared from that lightning storm last night. That one strike came really close! So close, in fact, he thought maybe the lightning rod on the house had been hit.

All he wanted now was a cold glass of juice and a good Saturday morning full of cartoons. He grabbed a glass.

That's when he saw the note from his mom on the fridge. Evan, he read, PLEASE vaccuum the carpet like you promised you would yesterday! He sighed, put his glass on the counter and went into the living room. His mother had left the vaccuum cleaner right in the middle of the floor for him to find.

He touched the handle. ZAP! The vaccuum jumped into life and took off, racing away from him into a corner. Evan's jaw dropped. What was THAT? he wondered. The vaccuum zipped over and hid behind the rocking chair. Now Evan was getting nervous. He reached down and grabbed the cord to yank it from the wall. Only, it wasn't plugged in.

That's when the vaccuum took off, sucking up everything in sight.

It's Your Story - okay, now we have a story! But I need you to finish it...

Does Evan really have some electrical super power? How will he ever stop that crazy vaccuum cleaner? What other appliances could cause him trouble? And... has this story-starter sparked your imagination?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! I'd love to read it... email it to me!