Don't Mess With Chester!

story & illustration © 2003 Bruce Van Patter

yno Gal's Day Care was just crawling with kids. Little kids. Too many little kids.
When she had quit being a superhero and opened her Day Care Center, she thought life would get easier. After all, didn't she have super strength? Tiny tots couldn't be as hard as evil criminals.

But now, there were kids everywhere. Running. Crying. Screaming. Chester was the worst. Everyday, he caused trouble. Today he was running around throwing toys.

Thank goodness for Henry, she thought as she saw the boy chasing Chester. Henry had been her assistant ever since she rescued him from an evil magician. She worried that Henry might still try out some of the magic he learned, but so far, so good.

She could hear Chester was still throwing things. "Ow! Stop that!" cried Henry from the other room. "Cut that out!" he yelled. Chester was laughing. Then Henry shouted, "No you DON'T!" There was a loud ZING!

Oh no! thought Dyno Gal, as she raced into the playroom. There was Henry, wand in hand. Next to him was a giant rabbit, standing on a chair. When it saw Dyno Gal, it became frightened and jumped. It smashed through the closed window and bounded away.

"Oops," said Henry.

It's Your Story - well, things are getting interesting! Can you give me some help?

Can you write what happens next? Will our two heroes go after Chester the bunny? How will they capture him? Can Henry turn him back? What crazy adventure could happen? And... will this be a hare-raising adventure?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! If you want to, email me your ending!