The Superhero Janitor

story & illustration © 2001 Bruce Van Patter

hat in the world is that?" shouted Mr. Slopwash, the janitor.
Kids were running in all directions on the playground, screaming wildly. One kindergarten girl stopped long enough to yell at him, "That monster will EAT US!"

Mr. Slopwash studied the monster. It looked like two twenty-foot tall flat, white squares jammed together; from between them oozed arms and legs that were greenish-brown and dripped deep purple slime. The playground was covered with sticky, purple puddles.

The principal shouted, "I don't allow violets on the playground!" The monster gave a deep gurgling laugh and slimed the slide.

"What is that thing?" Mr. Slopwash asked a boy running by. The boy answered, "It's Kevin Kleeper's sandwich! He left his lunch box in a closet by the radiator for a month!"

That explains it, thought Mr. Slopwash. Peanut-butter and jelly.

The monster was now squishing across the field toward the fence. It clearly meant to take its path of terror into the town, making Concord a giant, gooey grape.

Not while I'm here, it won't! thought Mr. Slopwash. He pushed through the students and ran to his janitor closet. It won't be as easy as the time I took on the Mutant Smelly Socks, but somehow, I'll stop it.

He quickly put on his costume and reached for his cleaning supplies.

"It's mop-up time!" he growled.

It's Your Story - What a mess! Now I need someone to finish the job!

How will Mr. Slopwash stop the creature? Can you write the scene where he battles the giant sandwich? And... has he ever been in a jam like this?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! I'd love to see your ending... email me!