The Prankster Strikes Again

story & illustration © 2001 Bruce Van Patter

ecoming a superhero wasn't a walk in the park. It was hard work. It was hard school.
But it was even tougher with a practical joker running around.

Jen Retro sat in her class, Dealing with Evil Villains. She tried hard to listen. Her parents, Green Jade and Mentor, had gotten great grades at Superhero Academy. They would never accept Jen's C in this class. But Jen couldn't keep her mind on her class. She could only think of how someone had been causing trouble with a string of nasty pranks.

And they had been getting nastier.

Dr. Strangenose, her teacher, was saying, "When you are caught by bad guys, they will always tie you up and explain their plans. Pesky will show you." Pesky, Jen's best friend, circled around a chair in which Biggo, a big fourth year student, was tied up. Little Pesky chattered on and on, making up stories about how she was going to rule the world once she got rid of Biggo. She had the crazy laugh down perfectly.

Biggo began to really look mad. He struggled against the tight ropes. "Hey!" he cried. "Ow! These ropes itch!"

"No, no," shouted Dr. Strangenose. "Don't whine! Superheroes don't whine!"

But Biggo wasn't listening. He was twisting and jumping so much, he and the chair started hopping up and down. "I mean it," shouted Biggo. "There's something wrong with these..." Then BOOM! the ropes exploded in a rainbow of sparkling fireworks.

Oh no, thought Jen. It's happening again!

It's Your Story - I've just set up the idea. You can decide the rest!

Can you make up a super-hero kid who is playing the tricks? How will Jen stop her? You'll need to give Jen some kind of power. And... do you think Jen will get a bang out of finding the prankster?

Have fun -- finish the story -- and be creative! I can't wait to see your ending... email me!